Please reschedule your appointment if you are ill, have recently had the COVID vaccine, antibiotics or steroids in the past 2 weeks, have a current sinus infection or dental infection. Lip fillers should be avoided for 2 weeks post-COVID vaccine due to increase swelling, which can be managed with OTC medications. 
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Our Mission (Patients)

Expert Aesthetics priority is to safely and artistically provide a range of FDA approved aesthetic products and services such as Botox and Fillers. We work closely with our clients to ensure a healthy and symmetrical look with a realistic budget and time frame.

Our Mission (Professionals)

We strive to produce highly skilled and knowledgable medical and nursing entrepreneurs entering the aesthetic field.

How to schedule a consultation or appointment?
How to get a  medical assessment and clearance?

All clients (potential patients) must have a health physical intake annually prior to Botox or Fillers services. A virtual consult with the NP or in-office consult will be completed at your appointment. The cost for the assessment with the Nurse Practitioner or Physician is $30. 

What We Do

Brenda Burr, MSN, RN