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Why it's important to care for your skin

Face Massage

Taking care of your skin is one of the most rewarding rituals you can do for your overall health. Your skin is the biggest and most environmentally exposed organ. Caring for your skin ranges from daily skincare routines including cleansing and exfoliating to sunscreen use to diet. Yes, your diet can affect the way your skin doesn't glow. So, how can you find the best routine for yourself since each one of us has different skincare needs due to hormones, age, genetic factors, and environmental influences including smoking or vaping. 

If you haven't taken very good care of your skin, don't worry, it is not too late. You may need to see your dermatologist for a thorough skin exam to ensure moles and lesions are not abnormal. However, maintenance can be relaxing and once you get into the habit of daily skin care, you won't be able to sleep without proper care again. 

We hope you enjoy the tips on this page and reference it as needed. 

How do I decide which professional treatment I need for my skin?

  • Oily skin- HydraFacial 4-6 weeks intervals

  • Oily skin + acne- HydraFacial and skincare 6-8 week intervals

  • Oily skin + acne scars- HydraFacial + Skin Pen alternate bi-weekly

  • Normal skin- HydraFacial quarterly

  • Normal skin + acne scars- Skin Pen + skincare

  • Dry skin- HydraFacial monthly

  • Dry skin + acne- HydraFacial (Accutane users non-candidates)

  • Dry skin + acne scars- HydraFacial + Skin Pen alternate monthly

  • Dull skin- HydraFacial + skincare

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