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What is an injectable? In the Aesthetic field it is a product injected into the muscle by a licensed professional. Botox and Dysport are considered injectables. These products are used to prevent over use of certain muscles in the face for a period of time in order to allow the skin time to replicate collagen in the over used area. Below you will find some FAQ's of Botox and Dysport. Our staff of nursing professionals will consult and assess your medical history to validate candidacy, then their focus is on a clients own aesthetic needs. In other words, we tailor your treatment plan to fit your likes and dislikes. We love what we do and we love watching the transformation of injectables to help you love your skin to!





"Fillers" is an term used in the aesthetic field to quickly refer to an injectable product that is used to fill a volume depleted space. The most popular fillers are: Restylane(s), Juvederm, Voluma and Sculptra. These hylauronic-acid gel products have been around since 2004-2005. They essentially replaced collagen products which required test spots a week prior to treatment. Hylauronic-acid does not require a test spot. Sculptra is injected in order to cause your own collagen to grow quickly ususally in the mid-face. Our staff at Expert Aesthetics will work with you to determine a cost effective treatment plan. In order to begin your transformation of Erasing Age, the staff will review any contraindications with you.




Spider Vein Removal


Spider veins can make a person self conscious about wearing shorts, skirts or swim suits. Typically these tiny vessels occur mainly on the legs in patches. Most are harmless and do not cause any pain only slight discomformt. If you experience pain and notice that your veins look like "ropes" that is not considered a spider vein. A true spider vein will be purple or red in color and be small, usually clumped together or simple random on its own. With just a few sessions your legs can be free from spider veins. A free consultation is required prior to making an appointment. 






“I have used Brenda Burr's expertise to analyze my concerns with lines and wrinkles for the past 4 years. I knew I would find the best in Dallas and she is the best. She is always conservative with the amount of products we use at one time. My husband does not know that I have been doing Botox and Juvederm for the past few years!"

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